Stay healthy and safe while you camp and explore the many opportunities for participation at SideBurn! This section will give you the information you need to keep yourself healthy, and tell you where to find emergency services, should you need them.

Consent is sexy! 

Remember radical self-reliance! Bring a first aid kit and any medications you may need!

Should your illness or injury be more severe than you can manage without help, there are Emergency Medical Staff that will be able to assist you. medical stations.  The stations are staffed by emergency health care providers (doctors, nurses, medics, etc.) who donate their time and medical expertise to the city as their gift to us all.

Bringing fuel or other hazardous materials? Check in with the front gate and fire safety for fuel and hazmat storage.

If you require a higher level of care than cannot be provided on the property, you will need to visit a hospital nearby, either by getting a ride from a friend, or being transported by an ambulance, or helicopter (depending on your condition). If you are able, request to sign a “Consent to Release Information” form so we can tell your friends and family where you are and what happened (by law, we can’t provide information about you without your consent). Bring your ID, insurance card, cell phone, and wallet when you go. If you get transported by ambulance, or helicopter, you’ll need to arrange for a friend to pick you up after your care. There are no shuttles from the hospitals back to the burn.

Due to Laws by the state of Tennessee, we do not allow nudity at our event. The only areas that allow nudity will be closed off adult areas! Same as with serving alcohol at the event, you will not be allowed into adult areas without proper proof of identification of age.


 If there is any theft at any time, it will result in the immediate expulsion and banning of whoever commits it!! If it's is not yours, don't touch it. If you don't know, ask! 

incident reports

If you need to contact us about a safety issue, or an incident that occurred during SideBurn, please fill out the form below. We will review this information, log it into our files, and reply to you as quickly as possible. All information reported here will remain discreet and private. Know that you have a team that cares!

We hope that you have a positive experience!

We love our burners! We hope to help in any way that we can, so that every attendee feels welcome and safe.