things to bring



 Hot beverage mug
 Water (at least a gallon or 2 per day)
 Other drinks
 Granola/protein bars
 Caffeine if you need it (tea, coffee, Monster)
 Trail mix or easy-carry munchies
 Any other snacks 

BRING EXTRA FOOD. Better safe than sorry

Night time

 Tent (or a REGISTERED r.v. or bus)
 Fitted sheet
 Flat sheet
 Blankets (it gets cold)
 Sleeping bag
 Ear plugs (even if you don't think you need them, you do! if not for sleeping, sometimes things can get a little loud!)


 camp stove
 cooking pots and pans
 pot holder
 cleaning supplies- plastic sink, water, sponge, paper towels, soap 


  Comfortable clothes
 Comfortable shoes
 Extra socks
 Bug spray
 Small day pack or backpack
 Refillable drink bottle
 Any medications you need
 Bath stuff
 Head lamp
 Toilet paper
 Baby wipes
 Hand fan
 Throw blankets
 Camp chair
 Costume clothes and accessories
 Hand sanitizer
 Super glue
 Hair brush
 Rain boots
 Jacket/ hoodie
 Warm coat
 Tampons/pads { bring something to discard these into! they do not belong in portos please }


 Duct tape
 First aid
 Work gloves
 Multi tool
 Sewing kit
 Bug bite ointment
 Items to gift {if you want to}
 Alcohol (to drink!)


It MIGHT be a good idea to just go ahead and write a list of everything you've packed! it can help you to realize things that you may have forgotten! Also, it may help you to not leave anything behind when you are packing out to head home! check that list when you get there and when you leave! pack it in, pack it out!